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First European Expert Meeting on the Rehabilitation of Scleroderma, Rheinfelden - Switzerland

Conference programme


Thursday, 27.11.2008

Morning session 8:00-12:00

08:00 Thierry Ettlin CH (Rheinfelden)
Opening Remarks

Scleroderma Rehab: Introduction
08:15 Peter Villiger CH (Bern) 
08:30 Alexandra Balbir IL (Haifa)
Multi-disciplinary management in scleroderma
08:45 Michael Buslau CH (Rheinfelden)
Elements of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program in scleroderma

Physiotherapy & Physical medicine (Part 1)
09:15 Elisabeth Aberer A (Graz)
Physiotherapy of Systemic Sclerosis
09:30 Anett Reißhauer GER (Berlin)
Physical therapy of scleroderma (part 1)
09:45 Silke Jahr GER (Berlin)
Physical therapy of scleroderma (part 2)
10:00 Will Gregory UK (Salford)
The physiotherapy management of Scleroderma patients: production of a patient exercise leaflet

Education and Psychology
10:30 Jean Cabane F (Paris)
Systemic Sclerosis: patient education
10:45 W. van Lankveld NL (Nijmegen)
Psychological aspect of Scleroderma, including psychological distress, coping
11:00 Toon van Helmond NL (Nijmegen)
The effect of a psycho-educational intervention on distress, helplesness and acceptance,Cognitions,appearance, and self-esteem
11:15 Brigitte Züger CH (Rheinfelden)
Creative Therapies and Scleroderma

Multicenter Studies

11:45 Peter Wieloch GER (Freiburg)
Eclistu manager: a web based software solution to conduct multicenter studies


Afternoon session 14:00-18:00

Occupation and Daily Occupations
14:00 Frithjof Haustein GER (Leipzig)
Occupational Scleroderma
14:15 Gunnel Sandqvist SE (Lund)
Daily occupations: self-care, domestic chores, work/studies, and leissure
14:30 Francesca Ingegnoli I (Milano)
Assessment of hand involvement in scleroderma with different functional indices

Disability and quality of life
15:00 Anne Schouffour NL (Leiden)
Effectiveness of a group-based multidisciplinary treatment programme on physical and mental functioning, overall quality of life and patient satisfaction
15:15 Helen Wilson UK (London)
Nursing of scleroderma patients
15:30 Kim Fligelstone UK (Chichester)
Objectives and visions of FESCA - The Federation of European Scleroderma Associations

Scleroderma Rehab: Children
16:00 Uwe Wollina GER (Dresden)
Rehabilitation in pansclerotic morphea of childhood
16:15 Ivan Foeldvari GER (Hamburg)
Pediatric Scleroderma: rehabilitation program for outpatients

Physiotherapy & Physical medicine (Part 2)
16:45 Margitta Worm GER (Berlin)
Hyperthermia and UVA therapy in scleroderma
17:00 Etelka Földi GER (Hinterzarten)
Lymphedema and lymphedema treatment in systemic sclerosis
17:15 M Meroni, N Panico I (Genova)
Peripheral neuropathy in scleroderma and its rehabilitation
17:30 Zoe Stableford UK (Salford)
Podiatry aspects of the management of the patient with scleroderma

Special lecture & Dinner 20:00 - 22:30
Hans Suter CH (Fahmi)
Paul Klee: The influence of his illness (Systemic Sclerosis) on his art


Friday, 28.11.2008

Social programme

Visit of the Paul Klee Center (Bern)
Exhibition and guided tour



The EULAR Scleroderma Trials and Research group (EUSTAR)

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